Keeping kids safe is everyone's business

Founded by Sheriff Steve Prator in 2008, Sheriff's Safety Town, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, is the first and only permanent program in the state to promote early childhood safety education.

Prior to being elected Sheriff of Caddo Parish in 1999, Steve Prator served as Chief of Police for the city of Shreveport. During that time, he promoted and expanded a two-week program the City designed to teach young children the importance of being safety minded, especially when riding bikes and walking in their neighborhoods. An added benefit was the positive interaction between officers and children that helped establish a strong relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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Through their participation in our hands-on safety programs, children experience numerous simulated emergencies in a controlled, safe environment. This interaction helps them to distinguish between emergencies and non-emergencies while familiarizing them with the 9-1-1 system, its importance, and what to expect when making an emergency call.

Traffic Safety

Sheriff's Safety Town is the ideal place to learn about traffic safety. Through this fun, interactive program, children are able to demonstrate safe behavior whether it's crossing a street, riding a bike, or even driving a car. In this safe, controlled environment children can make mistakes without the risk of injury.

Child Occupant Safety

Whether it's riding on the seatbelt simulator, observing the roll-over simulator, or driving electric cars through the streets of Safety Town, participants gain a thorough understanding of why wearing a properly-fitted seatbelt is the smartest and safest decision to make when riding in a vehicle.

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